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Walk-in Showers in East Longmeadow MA

Walk-in Showers, East Longmeadow MA

Walk-in showers are built to be used safely by individuals who are getting older and suffer from mobility issues. Unlike standard showers with slippery and potentially hazardous ledges, walk-in showers can be accessed safely by wheelchair and walker users. This type of shower is also quite popular by households with pets and young kids because they’re comfortable and convenient. If you’re planning a walk-in shower installation in East Longmeadow MA, Inaugural Home Improvements is the right team for the job. 

We’ve been dedicated to offering superior products, friendly service, and out-of-this-world design work since our business was established in 2020. Customers can trust our team to complete a walk-in shower project that balances pragmatism and aesthetics. In fact, we suggest that you take a peek at online gallery page to view samples of our past projects. We also encourage you to set up a complementary consultation where you can discuss your project ideas and inspiration. Just contact us at (413) 628-5177 to begin.

Reasons to Install a Walk-in Shower in East Longmeadow MA

Walk-in showers are distinct from standard units because they lack steep ledges and doors. These adjustments make them safer and easier; plus, they give the space an open, spacious look. Prefabricated models have a slight trough to trap water, but custom models can be installed with a subtle slope instead of a channel. The latter option is perfect for homeowners with joint injuries or reduced mobility. 

Customize Your Walk-in Shower

Here at Inaugural Home Improvements, we manage each East Longmeadow MA walk-in shower remodel with a unique, tailor-made approach. 

Our intention is to make your new shower is perfectly tailored to your physical needs in addition to matching your bathroom’s aesthetic. That’s why we offer a wide range of materials and designs for peronalizing your brand new walk-in shower. 

Here are a few of the many elements you can customize for your East Longmeadow MA walk-in shower installation:

Narrow down your color, material, and shape: 

You can choose from a wide-ranging range of colors and materials for your walk in shower. From subway tile to modern acrylic and rustic stone, your imagination is the limit.

Augment with doors or walls: 

Your walk-in shower doesn’t have to have a wide-open layout. In fact, lots of homeowners elect for features including partial walls, curtains, and glass doors. These features can offer more privacy and help keep water droplets in the shower area.

Consider add-ons

Add-ons can increase your comfort and the safety and stability of people with physical limitations. For instance, grab bars can make it safer to get in and out of the shower area by providing the bather something to grip. In addition, we can install benches and seating so individuals can remain comfortably seated for the duration of the shower. 

East Longmeadow MA Walk-in Shower Installation

When the time comes to install a walk-in shower in East Longmeadow MA, Inaugural Home Improvements will be ready as well. Our renovation crew will help you choose the perfect features and materials for your re-envisioned bathroom. We’re also committed to adhering to your budget and timeframe to offer a smooth shower remodeling experience. When you’re ready to schedule your complementary consultation and price estimate, simply contact us via the form on our website or call us at (413) 628-5177. We’re excited that you’re considering us for walk-in shower installation in Western Massachusetts!

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